Norton SystemWorks 2001

"Now Has One-Button Checkup"

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Type of Product
Norton System Works 2001 is the newest release of Symantec's utility suite for keeping your computer well maintained and problem-free. It is designed for computers with Windows 95B, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium and Windows 2000. The Standard Edition includes Norton AntiVirus 2001, Norton Utilities 2001, Norton CleanSweep 2001, Norton Web Services and Symantec Web Partners, third party online providers of complimentary problem-solving services. The Professional Edition includes all of the products in the Standard Edition as well as Norton Ghost 2001 and WinFax 10.0 Basic Edition. The program is perfect for home or business users who seek optimal system performance, great virus protection, problem-solving capabilities, and continuous protection against system crashes and data loss, to help protect the work and the systems that keep a small business operational. Price: Standard Edition is $59.95 and the Professional Edition is $99.95. Users of Norton AntiVirus, Norton CleanSweep and Norton Utilities may upgrade to Norton SystemWorks 2001 Standard Edition for $39.95 with a $20.00 mail-in rebate and the Professional Edition for $69.95 with a $30.00 mail-in rebate. There is also a new version of Norton SystemWorks specially designed for Macintosh users. See the Symantec Web site for information on the Macintosh edition and for additional products, trial versions of products, and upgrades:
User Level
Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced users. The program offers users of all levels of expertise all the tools needed to protect, tune, fix, rescue, clean and update a computer. A beginner user will appreciate the easy-to-use and intuitive interface. The classic power user who actively troubleshoots problems, performs hands-on system maintenance, and controls system performance and optimization will appreciate the robust features of the program.
New and Enhanced Features

This review and the features pertain to the Standard Edition.

  • One Button Checkup--This feature provides a quick and easy way to identify and fix the most troublesome problems that degrade system performance. Accessed from the main page one button checkupof Norton SystemWorks 2001 and the scheduler, One button Checkup scans for registry corruption, fragmentation levels, up-to-date virus protection, low disk space, and more
  • Symantec Security Analyzer--The analyzer is a Web-based tool that evaluates the Internet security of a PC--and offers options on how to eliminate vulnerabilities. The Symantec Security Analyzer scans for susceptibility to hackers, risk of infection by a computer virus, loss of personal information and inadvertent access to inappropriate material. Reports explain the security threats and offer options on how to eliminate the vulnerabilities.
  • Centralized Help--The program unifies the Help files from each component application, creating one centralized resource that is cross-referenced and indexed. No matter which component program is open, Norton SystemWorks 2001 finds all related features and problem fixes.
  • LiveUpdate--This feature is smarter and faster. The most advanced updating technology now automatically detects an open Internet connection, then automatically checks for, retrieves and installs the latest-available virus definitions. This automated approach takes the work out of protecting against new virus threats. It ensures continuous protection, even when new, fast-spreading viruses attack--including all-important virus definitions. Performance improvements also increase the speed with which users obtain updates via the Internet by up to 10 times--especially important for users with always-on broadband connections that increase exposure to malicious code such as worms.
  • Symantec Web Partners--Web Partners offers users easy access to online services that help solve PC problems. The partners complement Norton SystemWorks 2001 with Internet-based file backup from, using a Windows plug-in utility; extended warranty coverage for hard drives and other hardware, from PromiseMark; live, on-screen assistance from, from technical support experts able to see and control the user's mouse and keyboard. Access to these third-party services is seamless, directly from the suite's user interface.
  • Norton Web Services--This feature harnesses the power of the Internet to locate and install hardware drivers and software updates, and is now free. It's also now powered by ZDNet Updates.
  • Fast & Safe Cleanup--Built into earlier versions of Norton SystemWorks, Norton CleanSweep introduced Fast & Safe Cleanup. With this new version, you can run Fast & Safe Cleanup from the CD-ROM. Fast & Safe Cleanup quickly finds and deletes clutter that is safe to remove any time more disk space is needed. Fast & Safe Cleanup instantly removes files in the Windows Recycle Bin, lost cluster files and, especially, Internet "build up"--cached files and history lists. Fast & Safe Cleanup shows users how much space may be freed; one click and the space becomes available. Users may also schedule Fast & Safe Cleanup to run at specified intervals, automatically.
  • SmartScan--Norton AntiVirus 2001, built into Norton SystemWorks 2001, introduces SmartScan. SmartScan improves file-scanning performance and minimizes the impact on overall system performance of constant background monitoring for viruses. SmartScan determines what files contain executable code--even if the file is renamed to mask the code. SmartScan then scans only these files, since only files with executable code may carry a virus. With this intelligent approach to file scanning, users no longer need to scan all files on the system. This approach also enhances security for those users that elect to scan only program files and documents. Since SmartScan looks into every file to determine whether executable code is present, files that might contain viruses cannot escape the scanning engine.

Installation. The process is fast and easy.

Norton SystemWorks 2001. Norton Systemworks includes the following elements:

1. Norton Utilities 2001.

What It Does--Norton Utilities is an integrated suite of programs that can help you find and fix computer problems, improve your computer's performance, perform preventative norton utilitymaintenance tasks, and troubleshoot your system. It keeps your computer in good condition, warns you of potential problems before they become apparent, minimizes your down time when something goes wrong, helps you to recover lost data, and provides the information you need when installing new hardware or software.

What It Includes--Norton Utilities 2001 includes:

  • Disk Editor--Lets you view and edit files and disk areas. This DOS program is an advanced sector editing tool that can be used to find and edit files, directories, the partition table, the boot record, and the File Allocation Table (FAT).
  • Image--Takes a "snapshot" of a disk's critical file information, a process called imaging. UnErase Wizard and Unformat (a DOS program) use the image to restore deleted files or directories and rebuild deleted folders if you accidentally format or seriously damage a disk.
  • LiveUpdate--Makes it easy to keep Norton Utilities and your virus definitions up-to-date by using your computer's modem or Internet connection to download updates directly from Symantec.
  • Norton Diagnostics--Give your computer hardware a comprehensive test with Norton Diagnostics. Norton Diagnostics tests your system board, memory, Cd-ROM drive, serial ports, modem, printer, keyboard, sound card, video, and more.
  • Norton Disk Doctor--Diagnoses and repairs a variety of disk problems. It performs several tests, checking everything from the disk's partition table to its physical surface.
  • Norton File Compare--Lets you compare different versions of a text file, see what changed between versions, and selectively undo changes. You can use it to compare any two text files, including initialization (.INI) files, program source code files, and even HTML files designed for viewing on the World Wide Web. A statistics window indicates how many lines have been added, moved, or deleted from the older version of the file.
  • Norton Optimization Wizard--Improves your computer's performance by optimizing several critical elements of Windows. It optimizes your swap file size, enables Norton SpeedStart to optimize application loading, and reorganizes Windows registry data for efficient storage and retrieval.
  • Norton Protection--Enhances the Windows Recycle Bin, protecting deleted files. UnErase Wizard lets you recover the protected files.
  • Norton Registry Editor--Helps you navigate, edit, and back up the Windows registry. The registry is the centralized database used by Windows to store configuration information, including settings for system hardware, software, and network applications.
  • Norton Registry Tracker--Records information about changes made to your registry and .INI files, including when changes were made and what application made the changes. It lets you restore tracked items to their former state with the Quick Fix and Restore features.
  • Norton SpeedStart--Optimizes the application loading process. Enabled from Norton Optimization Wizard, Norton SpeedStart tracks how applications load into memory. The next time you start an application, it loads noticeably faster.
  • Norton System Check--Gives you all the power of Norton Utilities with one click. It not only finds problems, it also suggests how to fix them. You can run Norton System Check manually, or except on Windows 95, schedule it to perform periodic maintenance on your computer.
  • Norton Speed Disk--Optimizes your drives by defragmenting the files and free space on your disks to make file storage and retrieval more efficient.
  • Norton System Doctor--Continuously monitors your system in the background to keep it free of problems and running at peak efficiency. Its sensors can alert you immediately when conditions require attention, recommend corrective actions, and even fix many problems automatically, without interrupting your work.
  • Norton WinDoctor--Diagnoses and repairs the most common types of Windows problems, keeping Windows running at peak efficiency. By fixing errors that might otherwise lead to data loss, Norton WinDoctor also protects your work.
  • System Information--Gives you detailed information about your computer, the peripherals, keyboard, mouse, printers, and multimedia devices attached to your computer, and your computer's Internet and network connections.
  • UnErase Wizard--Helps you recover deleted files that are protected by Norton protection, the standard Windows Recycle Bin, or Novell's Salvage (for recovery of files on a network).
  • Wipeinfo--Removes all traces of selected files or folders from your disk. It can also wipe the free space on your disk, ensuring that previously deleted information is not left on your disk.

2. Norton AntiVirus 2001.

What It Does--Norton AntiVirus 2001 safeguards your computer from virus infection, no matter what the source. You are protected from viruses that spread from hard drives and floppy disks, those that travel across networks, and even those that are downloaded from the Internet. It protects your computer in the following ways: (1) eliminates viruses and repairs files; (2) makes sure your computer is safe from viruses at startup; (3) checks for viruses every time you use programs on your computer, floppy disks, and document files that you receive or create; (4) checks for viruses in email attachments each time you antivirusreceive email from the Internet; (5) monitors your computer for any unusual activities that may indicate an active virus; (6) runs a scheduled scan automatically once per week to confirm that your hard drives are virus-free. Even files within compressed files are scanned; (7) provides complete protection from Internet-borne viruses. No separate programs or Norton AntiVirus options changes are necessary. Auto-Protect scans program and document files automatically as they are downloaded; (8) when Automatic LiveUpdate is enabled, Norton AntiVirus checks for, and installs, updated virus protection when you are connected to the Internet.

3. Norton CleanSweep 2001.

What It Does--Norton CleanSweep provides many features that let you free up disk cleansweepspace and manage the programs installed on your system.

What It Includes--Norton CleanSweep includes:

  • Uninstall Wizard--CleanSweep safely removes programs from your system. CleanSweep's Smart Sweep also monitors program installation for the safest and most complete removal. Its application database includes information on over 1000 programs so CleanSweep can safely remove them even if their installation has not been monitored.
  • Fast & Safe Cleanup--Fast & Safe Cleanup finds and deletes specific file types that are safe to remove, such as temporary files, Internet browser cache files, and the files in the Windows Recycle Bin. You can use Fast & Safe Cleanup any time to free hard drive space instantly, and on a regular schedule to keep your disk free of clutter. Fast & Safe Cleanup will only delete files that are safe to remove, so you need not be concerned about accidentally deleting.
  • Restore Wizard--The Restore Wizard uses a CleanSweep backup file to restore programs or files to their original states. You might want to restore a program if you uninstall, archive, or back up a program and later decide that you want it back. You also use the Restore Wizard as the final step in transporting a program to another computer.
  • Internet Uninstall--Plug-ins and ActiveX controls are programs that add functionality to your browser, such as support for special video and audio effects. Use Norton CleanSweep's Internet Uninstall to remove plug-ins and ActiveX controls monitored by Internet Sweep. Use Plug-in Cleanup and ActiveX Cleanup for plug-ins and ActiveX controls not monitored by Internet Sweep.
  • Internet Cache Cleanup--Norton CleanSweep's Internet Cache Cleanup is a fast way to free valuable disk space instantly. It is a good idea to clean your Internet cache files frequently if you use the Internet and online services often. The deleted cache information will reload automatically from the Web.
  • Cookie Cleanup--Some Web sites place small data files, called cookies on your computer. Web sites use the information stored in cookies in many ways, such as personalizing the site contents for you. Visiting a Web site even once can leave a cookie behind. You can remove cookies you no longer need to free wasted disk space.
  • Plug-in Cleanup and ActiveX Cleanup--Plug-in Cleanup and ActiveX Cleanup allow you to remove plug-ins and ActiveX controls not monitored by Internet Sweep.
  • Archive Wizard--The Archive Wizard compresses infrequently used programs to save space on your hard drive. The Archive Wizard uninstalls the program but saves a copy of the program's files and configuration information in a compressed format.
  • Backup Wizard--The Backup Wizard creates a single, compressed backup file of a program for use as a reserve in the event that you ever need to restore the program. Unlike the Archive Wizard, the Backup Wizard leaves all of the original files and configuration information in place.
  • Move Wizard--The Move Wizard moves a program to another drive or folder on the same computer.
  • Transport Wizard--The Transport Wizard transports a program file to a disk or other storage medium. Use this wizard to transport a program to another computer.
  • Registry Sweep--The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database composed of keys and values that store configuration information about your computer and user settings. Registry Sweep cleans and optimizes the Windows Registry by eliminating invalid entries.
  • Duplicate File Finder--Finds duplicate copies of files by name and size, or by criteria that you specify. Duplicate files may be created when the same program is installed into different folders or directories, or when files are copied from one location to another. You may have edited a file in one folder and saved the updated version to another folder.
  • Redundant DLL Finder--Use the Redundant DLL Finder to locate and remove duplicate Dynamic Link Library (DLL) or Visual Basic Extension (VBX) files. DLL and VBX files can contain program code or other kinds of resources such as icons, bitmaps, controls, and dialogs, and can be used by one or more programs. Some products do not check your system for existing copies of common DLLs, and may install yet another copy. Therefore, you may have multiple copies of the same file taking up space on your hard drive.
  • Unused File Type Finder--Finds types of files that are typically unused, such as screen savers, backup files, or fonts. Use the Unused file Type feature to select files in categories that CleanSweep already knows, or create your own file categories and add the to CleanSweep's list.
  • Orphan Finder--Find files related to applications that are no longer installed on your computer. CleanSweep considers a program an orphan file if it is not on the Start menu. An orphan file could also be a program that is not associated with or attached to the Windows shell. You can also use this Finder to locate and reconnect shortcuts to the programs from which they are orphaned.
  • Safe Cleanup--CleanSweep provides the safest cleanup. The Norton Safe lets you denote specific file types (for example .doc and .xls), which when deleted will go into the Norton Safe, rather than the Recycle Bin. Safety Sweep prevents the Cleanup Finders from deleting any files that have been marked for protection. It also automatically backs up items it deletes. CleanSweep contains a list of files that are protected against deletion.

4. Norton Web Services

What It Does--Norton Web Services now comes free with Norton SystemWorks 2001. It's also now powered by ZDNet Updates. Also, access to Norton Web Services is built in from a button in the Symantec Web Page. Norton Web Services is a special site designed to help keep a PC up to date and operating at peak performance. It harnesses the power of the Internet to locate and install hardware drivers and software updates; web servicesusers may set up a personalized list of software and hardware to track. Its features includes: (1) scanning, analyzing and recommending updates for applications, games, drivers and more; (2) alerting users to available software upgrades; (3) benchmarking hardware performance; (4) analyzing system security while online; (5) determining if the system is ready to upgrade to Windows 2000.

5. Symantec Web Partners

What It Does--Norton SystemWorks 2001 introduces Symantec Web Partners, providing users easy access to online services that help solve PC problems. Access to these third-party services is seamless, directly from the Symantec Web page.

Personal Comments
Norton SystemWorks 2001 is a worthwhile upgrade that gives you a number of excellent utilities at one low price. The individual programs are all among the best in their respective categories, and the new improved and enhanced features to Norton AntiVirus make it a must upgrade.
System Requirements

Windows 95 OSR2 and Windows 98

Intel 80486DX/66 processor
32 MB of memory
117 MB of hard disk space for typical installation (126 MB for complete installation)
CD-ROM disk

Windows Me

Intel Pentium 150MHz processor
32 MB memory
117 MB of hard disk space for typical installation (126 MB for complete installation)
CD-ROM disk

Windows NT 4.0 Workstation

Service Pack 4
Intel Pentium processor
16 MB of memory (32 MB recommended)
117 MB of hard disk space for typical installation (126 MB for complete installation)
CD-ROM disk

Windows 2000 Professional

Intel Pentium 133MHz processor
64 MB of memory
117 MB of hard disk space for typical installation (126 MB for complete installation)
CD-ROM disk

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