Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design
with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4

"Beautifully Illustrated Book"

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Title:Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4
Author: Michael Baumgardt
Publisher: Adobe Press, published by Peachpit Press
Publication Date: December 1999
Pages: 320
ISBN: 0-201-70012-3
Price: $40.00

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4 is a beautifully illustrated book on Web design. It focuses on ways to use Photoshop 5.5 for creating dynamic graphics for the Web and offers information on combining Photoshop, ImageReady 2, and GoLive 4. You learn how to manipulate images with Photoshop; use ImageReady to prepare them for the Web; and then use GoLive to create Web pages. It includes material on the basics; optimizing images; Web color management; creating graphics for different browsers; and has color examples throughout. The book provides the information that you need to create a professional Web site with these programs, from slicing to rollover buttons, from GIF animation to the Lossy command and optimizing a color table, and all the new features of photoshop 5.5 are explained. The strengths of the three application are discussed, and the author examines several Web sites to see why they are successful, plus providing interviews with Web designers. The author is well-versed in the field of Web design and desktop publishing and shares his knowledge with the reader. Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design is his first book for Adobe Press. Appropriate for Macintosh and Windows.

Intermediate and Advanced computer users. The book is intended for designers who have some experience with Photoshop, who have worked as DTP designers and now gotten the Photoshop 5.5 update to get into Web design. It also could be helpful to someone who has done Web design prior to version 5.5, because since the update almost everything has changed in how Web design is done.

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4 is divided into four parts.

Part I: Basics--The first section focuses on the design aspects of Web design and is intended for readers with no prior Web design experience. Anyone making the leap from desktop publishing to Web design should read this.

Part II: Photoshop--This second part of the book features the essential Photoshop commands and techniques that are important for the Web designers. It should help all Photoshop novices.

Part III: Optimizing Images--Compressing and optimizing the file size of images is one of the most important tasks in Web design and the third part in the book deals with this aspect. Many tests and studies on how to improve the file size and compression of an image have been done and these chapters offer new information even to pros.

Part IV: GoLive--The last part of the the book will show you how to bring the Photoshop design and elements into GoLive and make a fully functional Web site. Even for those with prior GoLive expedience, this guide should have some tips on how to set up your site in GoLive more efficiently.

Adobe Photoshop 5.5 Web Design with ImageReady 2 and GoLive 4 is very informative and has tons of tips and tricks. The color illustrations and author interviews provide excellent ideas for any aspiring Web designer. This is not a step-by-step tutorial book (like the Classroom in a Book series) or a reference volume that includes everything you ever wanted to know about Photoshop like the (Complete Reference series). What it does beautifully is give you easy to understand information on the thinking and planning behind creating a site. Most books just focus on one program, but this book show you how to combine the information in three programs to create unique Web sites.
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