Blue's Treasure Hunt

"A Learning Adventure"

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Blue's Treasure Hunt, created by Humongous Entertainment, is a software program based on Nickelodeon's preschool program "Blue's Clues," and features Steve and a cast of two-thinkingdimensional animated characters, among them Blue, a fun-loving, spotted blue dog. Blue's Treasure Hunt invites kids to join Steve on a series of treasure hunt adventures. Preschoolers help Blue and friends collect treasure scrolls, find and solve Blue's Clues, explore Steve's neighborhood, play multi-level learning games and more. Kids use critical thinking and problem-solving skills to help Steve and Blue discover Paprika's, Mailbox's, and Magenta's favorite treasures as they play with old and new friends on their quest to find the land of Great blueDiscovery. Together they explore new places including the park, school and Recycle Town. Then, using the treasure keys they've earned by collecting treasure scrolls and solving Blue's Clues games, kids are granted entry to the captivating Land of Great Discovery where new treasures await them. The price for Blue's Treasure Hunt is $29.99 and the game comes on two CDs. There is also a Blue's Birthday Adventure, Blue's 123 Time Activities, and Blue's ABC Time Activities. (See our reviews of these programs.) All games can be used with a PC with Windows or a Macintosh. The Humongous Entertainment Web site is a great place for both parents and kids to visit. There is all sorts of information, games and such.


Blue's Treasure Hunt is designed for preschoolers ages 3-6. The game has adjustable levels of difficulty and emphasizes the following skills:

  • Logical thinking and problem-solving
  • Sequencing, matching and ordering
  • Visual memory and discrimination
  • Counting and number recognition
  • Spatial relationships
  • Reading, rhyming and storytelling
  • Creative expression
  • Music exploration
  1. There are 3 new Blue's Clues games.
  2. There are 11 learning activities and creativity games.
  3. There are 3 Blue Skidoo locations.
  4. New characters and locations to discover. treasure chest
  5. Introduction to the Land of Great Discovery with surprise activities and games.
  6. A treasure map to help track progress and location.
  7. An interactive Handy Dandy Notebook.
  8. Adjustable levels of difficulty.
  9. Hundreds of ever-changing clickable surprises.
  10. Easy-to-use, in-depth Help File on each disc.

Installation. The program was very easy to install.

Interface. The interface is well-done with clickable items all over the screen. Children get a kick out of seeing the same characters they already know from the television series. All the graphics are colorful, and the music and rhymes are appealing to parents and children.

Difficulty Levels. The program automatically adjusts the difficulty settings of each activity so that as kids become better at completing them, the activities gradually get more challenging. Alternatively, parents may help direct their child's learning by selecting from beginning, intermediate or hard settings before the game is launched.

Storyline and Goal. The overall goal of Blue's Treasure Hunt is to help Blue and Steve enter the Land of Great Discovery. To get there, children must help Blue and Steve complete three unique playgroundTreasure Hunts in sequence. Each Treasure Hunt "pathway" features a complete Blue's Clues game to solve, a series of three treasure scrolls to find and follow, multilevel learning games to uncover, a Blue's skidoo, and lots of locations and clickable surprises to explore and discover. The scrolls in each pathway have been hidden by a lively new character, Treasure Bug, and they lead children to the treasure chest, while the answer to Blue's Clues allows them to open the treasure chest where they find thcluese favorite treasures of their old friends Paprika, Mailbox, and Magenta. The treasures inside will partially unlock the door to the Land of Great Discovery. Once they have completed all three pathways in order (solving each Blue's Clues game and completing each treasure scroll hunt), they can "unlock" the door to the Land of Great Discovery where more treasures await.

The Land of Great Discovery. This is a wonderful place which is full of surprises and more treasures:

    1. Discovery Kit--Kids can create their own special place within the Land of Great Discovery. They can personalize it by using the painting and drawing tools or by selecting from more than 400 animated and non-animated, pre-made stickers, which feature items such as Blue's Clues friends, animals, musical instruments, toys and more.
    2. Treasure Hunt Computer Game--In the clubhouse, kids play a Blue's computer game in which the goal is to score as many points possible by clearing all the blocks off the screen by bouncing Blue's ball. There are l100 pre-made games for many different skill levels.
    3. Create a Computer Game--Preschoolers can design their very own computer game with up to 10 customized levels.

Multilevel Learning and Creativity Activities. These activities encourage children to expand their clue solving experience and strengthen essential early learning skills.

Learning activities include:

  • Lights On, Lights Off--Preschoolers help Orange Kitten keep track of school supplies in the preschool supply closet as they strengthen visual discrimination and memory skills by identifying objects that have been taken away or added to the shelf of the closet.
  • Find the Numbers--Kids practice early math and number recognition skills as they explore Mary's Garden for Hickory Dickory Dock clock.

Creativity activities include:

  • Bedtime Stories--Kids engage in early reading, rhyming and storytelling skills as they help Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper create bedtime stories for Baby Paprika.


Parents who are concerned with wanting their children to learn skills but still have fun will appreciate the Blue's Clues software. Blue is a lovable dog, and each of the supporting characters possess their own unique charm. All the activities are easily understood and completed, with catchy songs and rhymes. Blue's Treasure Hunt would make a wonderful Christmas present, and it is a great investment in your child's education.
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