DataViz Conversions Plus Suite

"I Wouldn't Be Without It!"

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DataViz's Conversions Plus--With all the different computer programs and platforms available, files can arrive on your desktop from many different sources and in a variety of formats. Sometimes you can't use files because of the way you received them, or you don't have the program that created them. Whether you get files on disks, attached to e-mail, from the Web or from the person sitting next to you, Conversions Plus allows you to use these files, in the software of your choice, regardless of the program they were created in. Conversions Plus is actually a suite of programs and includes MacOpener, which allows Windows users to read, write and format Macintosh media such as floppies, Zips, CD-ROMS and other removable media on the PC (please see our previous review of DataViz MacOpener), and it also includes Attachment Opener, an e-mail attachment opener. Conversions Plus allows users to open, view, decode, decompress and translate files between different programs and platforms. Price: $99.00; Upgrade price: $39.95. The DataViz Web site is:

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced PC users. The program is user friendly and could be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge.
  • Open files that Windows doesn't recognize;
  • Convert files for use in your favorite programs;
  • View and print files even if you don't have the program that created the file;
  • Decompress any archive file;
  • Decode and use file attachments you receive via e-mail;
  • Read, write and format Macintosh disks in your PC.

Installation, User's Guide, & Help. The program is very easy to install, and it took almost no time at all. There is a User's Guide, 56 pages, that provides all of the information you need. There is also excellent Online Help.

Opening Macintosh Files and Disks in Windows: Conversions Plus allows you to simply insert any Macintosh 1.44MB floppy disk, Zip disk, SyQuest, Mac OS Extended format (HFS+) disk, etc. and use it on your Windows PC just as if it was a PC disk. You can even format Macintosh disks on your Windows PC. Conversions Plus is excellent for sharing "cross-platform files" such as graphics, publishing, audio, web, and more. The Macintosh files on the disk will appear with the correct Macintosh file name and with the appropriate Windows icons. Conversions Plus will also automatically add the correct Windows extension to Macintosh files, so you can open them just by double-clicking. And if you don't have the program that created the file, Conversions Plus will automatically convert it for you.

Converting Files: Conversions Plus allows you to convert files that were created in programs that you don't have, so that you can open, edit, and use them in your favorite programs. The program includes an extensive library of file converters for a variety of word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics files. It automatically identifies the origin of the file and converts it to your desired program. Converted documents retain the characteristics of the original. Document formatting such as bold, italics, headers, footers, style sheets and embedded graphics come through. You can even convert multiple documents at once.

Viewing Files: With Conversions Plus, you an also quickly view the contents of a file without having to launch the program it was created in. To view a file, you just simply right-click. You can view virtually any word processing, spreadsheet, database or graphic file on your computer. You can even view attachments within Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express or Exchange by right-clicking on the file within your e-mail message. From the Conversions Plus File Viewer window you can get information about the file, print it, launch it or convert it to another format. If you are viewing a graphic file, you can even select a portion of the graphic to convert rather than the whole image.

Attachment Opener: (1) Use Compressed or Encoded Files--often files you download from the Internet or receive via e-mail are compressed to save space or encoded during transfer. Conversions Plus can decompress or decode files with a simple double-click. In addition, the program allows you to see the contents of archives. You can then choose one or all of the files to view, convert, etc; (2) Fix Problem E-mail Attachments--If you have ever retrieved an attached file from your e-mail that you could not use, Conversions Plus will determine the format of the file, add the correct Windows extension and allow you to view or print it--even without the program that created it; (3) Many times you receive a message via e-mail and the attached file appears as garbage text at the end of the e-mail message. Conversions Plus will retrieve your file from the garbage.

Moving from a Macintosh to a Windows PC: Conversions Plus is the perfect utility for a painless migration. Not only can you read Macintosh disks and removable media in your PC, but Conversions Plus can convert your Macintosh documents to Windows, so you won't lose any of your files. The program also includes a tool called "Name Doctor," which automatically resolves any naming problems like illegal characters or incorrect extensions.

Formats Supported

PC Formats: Ami Pro; AppleWorks (WP/SS); ClarisWorks (WP/SS/DB); dBase II, III, IV; DCA/RFT; Excel; FoxBASE/FoxPro; Lotus 1-2-3; MS Works (WP/SS/DB); MultiMate; PerfectWorks (WP/SS/DB); Quattro Pro; RTF; Text; Word for DOS; Word for Windows; WordPerfect DOS; WordPerfect Windows; WordStar; and Word Pro.

Macintosh Formats: AppleWorks (WP/SS); ClarisWorks (WP/SS/DB); Excel, MacWrite II & Pro; MS Works (WP/SS/DB); RIF; Text; Word; and WordPerfect.

Graphics: BMP; EPS (thumbnail; GIF; JPEG; PCX; PICT/PICT 2; TIFF; WMF; and WPG/WPG2.

Encoding: Binhex; MIME (Base64); and uuEncode.

Compression: GZip; MacBinary; TAR; Z; and Zip.

Mac Media Supported: HD 1.44MB Floppies; Iomega Zip; Iomega ZipPlus; Iomega Jaz; Iomega Bernoulli; SyQuest SparQ; SyQuest SyJet; SyQuest EZ-135; SyQuest EZ Flyer; Optical Disks; CD-ROMS; Macintosh Hard Drives; Macintosh OS; Extended Format or HFS+; and all other SCSI, IDE and Parallel Port devices.

I would never, never, never be without this program. I am constantly getting Macintosh files and before I had MacOpener, I couldn't open them or had to take them to someone else to get them converted. I have worked on spreadsheets, Web pages, graphics, and word processing files and been able to go back and forth from a Macintosh and a PC. And it really works well in reading all those Macintosh files with no extensions or spaces or characters in the file names that PC's can't read. I have had it repeatedly open files, on disk and as e-mail attachments, created on the Macintosh that had no extensions and file names with unreadable characters for PCs that no other program would touch.
Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4.0
20 MB hard disk space
Low density/double density (400/800K) Mac floppy disks not supported
Supports Intel based NT only

Scanner: Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6250C Professional Series
Web Page Editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0
Graphics: Adobe ImageStyler 1.0