Entrega 7-Port USB Hub

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Type of Product

Entrega's 7-Port USB Hub provides USB ports for connecting monitors, printers, mice, speakers, digital cameras, keyboards, joysticks, and much more. In addition, Entrega offers a huybPCI upgrade kit to enable users with non-USB computers to leverage this new technology. To connect USB-enabled peripherals to a computer's USB port, Entrega also provides varying lengths of cable, all of which adhere to the USB specification. USB-compatible peripherals are identified by a distinctively-shaped connector that leaves no question about where it fits. The bus itself delivers entrega products100 times more bandwidth than a serial port and solves the problem of concurrently operating multiple devices and applications that are bandwidth intensive, such as multimedia, Internet and continuous monitoring environments. Entrega Technologies was founded in 1997 to provide innovative universal serial bus (USB) connectivity solutions for USB-enabled computers and peripherals as well as legacy equipment. See their Web site for information on all their products: http://entrega.com

User Level

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced. Entrega products, along with Windows 98, have been developed to empower the average user to be a home system integrator without any prior electronics or configuration experience. You plug the hub into a PC's USB port, plug your peripherals into the hub, and that's all there is to it.


  • With this USB and Windows 98, consumers can plug in a peripheral and it is automatically installed and configured.
  • You get no IRQ or COM port conflicts.
  • You have the ability to daisy chain hardware on the USB up to 127 devices.
  • Transfer rates up to 100 times faster than ordinary serial port connections.
  • You have one type of plug and one kind of port.
  • No need to mess with dip switches or jumpers.
  • One standard connector eliminates confusion about where to plug in.
  • 100% compliant for use with any USB-equipped device.
  • You have the ability to do "hot swaps" with your PC powered on. stacks
  • Port activity is indicated by multi-colored LEDs on the front panel of the hub.
  • Entrega hubs have a small footprint and are easily stackable.
  • Each port is power-managed individually. If a peripheral fails or shorts-out, Entrega's Auto Overcurrent Protection shuts down the port. Recovery is automatic.


Contents of Box: With the 7-port USB hub, Entrega gives you an attractive box with the seven port hub following contents:

  1. 7-port USB hub with 7 500mA ports;
  2. Warranty Information
  3. Power Supply 3.7 A AC;
  4. 2 meters (6ft.) USB cable.

Installation: The Entrega hub is "hot-pluggable" and may be plugged in at any time, even when the PC is on. You just:

  1. Plug the power adapter into the Entrega 7-Port Hub and into a power outlet.
  2. Plug the Entrega 7-port hub into the PC using the USB cable.
  3. Plug the USB peripherals into the hub.

If your operating system supports USB, software does not need to be loaded to use your Entrega USB hub. Operating systems that support USB include Windows 95B and Windows 98. Some USB devices you plug into the hub may require their own drivers, and you need to refer tot he manufacturer of that device for more information. The LEDs will turn red when the power is plugged in and the USB cable from the hub is connected to the PC. This indicates that the hub is powered and detected by the PC. There are seven LEDs on a 7-port hub. The LEDs will turn green when a device is plugged into the hub.

USB Specification: The USB specification allows for two types of hubs. Self-powered hubs require a power supply and are capable of providing 500mA of current per port, enough for the most demanding USB peripherals. Bus-powered hubs get their power from the USB bus and require no power supplies, however they are capable of providing only 100mA of power per port. This is inadequate for most devices other than mice and keyboards, and can cause significant side effects such as peripherals that are detected upon connection, but that do not operate properly. All of Entrega Technologies hubs are self-powered so that they operate with all USB compliant devices.

Upgrade Kit: Entrega addresses two key issues today with the rapid change in technology: how to upgrade legacy PCs to accept USB peripherals and how to connect legacy peripherals to USB computers. The PC Upgrade Kit is an add-in card with a PCI-to-USB converter chip and two USB ports that offers users USB functionality. The PCI Upgrade Kit is also a solution for users that own a USB-enabled PC, but want to double the available bandwidth. A video camera alone can consume the entire bandwidth of one port, and the upgrade can provide better performance.

Cables: Entrega also produces a family of cable products that fully conform to USB physical layercables specifications. These cables are manufactured to precise length-to-gauge standards necessary to carry the electrical power required by the USB specification. Four cable lengths are available: .5 meters (19.68 inches) at 26 gauge; 1 meter (3.28 feet) at 26 gauge; 2 meters (6.56 feet) at 24 gauge; and 5 meters (16.4 feet) at 20 gauge. Five meters is the maximum length allowed by the USB specification.


Personal Comments

The Universal Serial Bus, with its speed and "plug-and-play" convenience, is a feature that most of us want to use as soon as it's out of the oven (even if it isn't fully cooked, although more and more manufacturers are getting on the USB bandwagon). Entrega Technologies finally gives us this capability for the many new USB-compliant products, as well as older serial and parallel devices, using their USB to serial/parallel converters. I was thrilled to get rid of all those brick-like power supplies and unwieldy cables. And with Windows 98, you get true "plug-and-play" using USB devices. Entrega's hubs and converters are a must-have for any serious user.

System Requirements

CPU: 486DX66 or faster
Operating System: Windows 95B/98; MAC OS with USB support
Port: Available USB port
Graphics: Adobe Photoshop & WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design Edition
Web Page Editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver 2.0
Scanner: Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6250C Professional Series