Let's Explore The Jungle

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Type of Product

Humongous Entertainment educational game for children in which children explore and learn about the jungles of Asia, Africa, and the Amazon.

User Level

Game for children ages 3-8 years old.


No installation is required with Windows 95. Just load the CD into the CD-ROM drive and click the Play button to start the game. You need to install the program for Windows 3.1 but it is not difficult. There is no User Guide but there are some notes in the Readme file on the CD and some on the CD cover booklet.

Let's Explore the Jungle is armchair traveling at its best. In this program, Buzzy the Knowledge Bug is your kid's guide to fun while they explore over 30 places. Click points take them from the depths of a river to the jungle canopy above. There are 215 detailed descriptions of plants and animals to point to. Kids can get answers to such questions as where does chocolate come from; why does the giant anteater walk on its knuckles; or how does the flying snake fly. No reading is required so it is excellent for pre-readers.

As a new player, a child types in his/her name. The next time they sign in, they just click on their name in Player box. There are six main control buttons for navigation:

Go Back
Each click on this button takes you one step closer to the jungle overview screen.
Time to Play
Click on this button to get the game area of The Jungle.
What Is This?
Clicking on this turns the cursor into a question mark. Simply move it over an object to display the object's name. For pre-readers, Buzzy will read out the name. Click on the object to display its Information Page, or click on the What is It? Button again to switch back to the normal cursor.
Index contains an alphabetical list of all the objects described in the in the Information Pages. To get to a specific Information Page, click on the highlighted word on the Index. You can move through the Index by using the purple arrows at the bottom of the screen, or by typing the first letter of the object you are interested in.
This button calls up Buzzy the Knowledge Bug, who shares tips, helps pre-readers by reading aloud, points out interesting facts, and generally shares in the fun!
Clicking on this button ends the game. You can also exit the game by pressing the spacebar.

There are five entertaining and fun games to choose from:

  1. Coloring Book–provides kids with15 different pictures to paint and print. There are Color Tools to use. Kids can use the paint brush to select colors in the paint palette. The Eye Dropper lets them mix colors. The sponge is to remove color from the picture. And there is even an undo last step, the Oops Face button.
  2. Trivia–for kids with a good mind for detail, they can play Jungle Trivia and try to answer 100 questions about The Jungle, plants, and animals. A play level (easy, medium, hard) can be selected. To help pre-readers Buzzy can read the trivia question aloud as it is displayed on the screen. Buzzy also provides helpful hints. Get it right and they are rewarded.
  3. Jungle Jumble–future scrabble players can unscramble letter blocks to spell out the name of the object on the screen. The picture is scrambled too! There is a fun payoff when the picture is correct.
  4. Find It–kids can locate within The Jungle each of the 10 items that flash up on the screen. There are 120 items to find among the three skill levels.
  5. Anteater Feeder–ever wanted to take a walk through The Jungle with an anteater as it searches for its diet of ants, termites, flies and grasshoppers. Even adults get hooked on this one. There is a tongue meter that shows the number of shots left each time you capture food. Kids will love the running ants, flying insects, and hopping grasshoppers. The anteater's face changes expression as he eats different foods. For instance, fire comes out of his ears when he eats hot peppers. There are many clickables in this game. I kept having to repeat a level because I spent so much time clicking on all the objects.

Personal Comments

Wonderful and fun way for kids to learn about the jungle and its inhabitants. Humongous Entertainment has again put effort into the animation, graphics, and audio of a program to provide an enriching environment in which kids can learn and laugh.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 3.1 or higher
Processor: 33 MHz 386
Hardware: SVGA (640 x 480) 256 colors
Sound Card
Double-speed CD ROM drive

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Technical Support

Their Web site: http://www.humongous.com is an excellent source for information, games, reviews and whatever.