Pajama Sam 2

Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening

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Type of Product
Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't so Frightening is part of the Junior Adventures series from Humongous Entertainment. Their games are fun and educational.
User Level
Game for children ages 3-8 years old.    

No installation is required with Windows 95. Just load the CD into the CD-ROM drive and click the Play button to start the game. You need to install the program for Windows 3.1 but it is not difficult. There is no User Guide but there are thorough notes in the Readme file on the CD and some on the CD cover booklet.

Pajama Sam is back, and this time he is in search of Thunder and Lightning. He travels to World Wide Weather, the storm-stirring factory in the sky. Sam accidently causes a small disaster in the control room which sends the weather into a frenzy. Sam vows to put things right and off he goes on another clickable adventure. Sam needs to find the following missing machine parts to put things right:

  1. Automated Snowflake Inspectora mechanical device whose job it is to inspect each snowflake for uniqueness.
  2. Velocimomemeter ("Velo")the part of the Wind Machine which monitors and controls fan speed.
  3. Wingnuta tiny wingnut who's part of the Sun Machine, attaching the alignment bar to the solar collection dish.
  4. Y-Pipea Y-shaped piece of pipe through which two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen are combined in the Rain Machine to make water.

So kids are continually challenged, Pajama Sam's adventures are programed to be random. Once a game is played to the end, the next time a kid visits there will be a different puzzle to solve. Sam always needs to find the same four machine parts but the items he needs to use or the characters he needs to interact with will change.

Some of the adventures along the way are:

  • Find the Snowflake Inspector Detector (SID) and recharge him;
  • Tangle with the dust devil on the rooftop;
  • Use the computer in the mailroom to move boxes;
  • Find the carrot for Langston's nose.
  • Answer questions to get a seat on the board;
  • Figure out how to get into a drain that is smaller than him;
  • Get himself out of a bottle;
  • Free Y-Pipe from the vending machine;
  • Determine the combination for a padlock.

All of these adventures are fun filled and help your child develop:

Critical-think skills
Problem-solving skills
Memory skills
Mental mapping and spatial-relations skills

Personal Comments
Games like Pajama Sam 2 make you want to be a kid again so you can play it without the excuse of doing a review. The characters are likeable, the adventures are fun, and the puzzles keep you thinking. The animation and sound are high quality. With new puzzles and new locations for different games, your kids will not be bored. I especially love all of the clickable points.
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 3.1 or higher
Processor: 33 MHz 486
Hardware: SVGA (640 x 480) 256 colors
Sound Card
Double-speed CD ROM drive
Other Goodies
There is a free Activity and Comic Book. The CD has demo versions of a variety of Humongous products.
Technical Support
Their Web site: is an excellent source for information, games, reviews and whatever.