Surviving Day 1
Windows 98

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Type of Book
Title: Surviving Day 1 with Windows 98
Author: Softbank Content Services
Publisher: Que
Publication Date: 10/98
Price: $12.99
Pages: 112
ISBN: 0-7897-1771-9
This book was written for individuals who want to learn Windows 98 quickly and have experience with Windows 3.1 or Windows 95. It assists you in performing the most common functions of Windows 98--copying and moving files; running applications; printing documents; and customizing the desktop--by comparing them to what you already know: the equivalent functions in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95.
User Level
Surviving Day 1 with Windows 98 would be appropriate for beginning, intermediate, or advanced PC users who had a working knowledge of Windows 3.1 or Windows 95.

The book is small and compact, approximately 5" x 7" with 112 pages, and would easily fit anywhere so it would be handy as a reference.Yet it really does provide the basic information for PC users who are upgrading from an earlier version of Windows. The book is divided into seven chapters and a glossary and is well organized. Each chapter covers a variety of functions and each function is outlined on two pages, a right-hand side and a left-hand side. On each left-hand side is s description of the function and how it works in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. On the right-hand side is a description and step-by-step instructions, if needed, for the function in Windows 98. The book is very colorful and filled with images. There is also a Tips section on each Windows 95 page, right-hand side. To give you and idea of what the book does cover, I have outlined the chapters and the functions they cover.

Chapter 1: The Basics
Starting Windows
Selecting the Desktop Style
Starting a Program
Switching Between Tasks
Working with Windows
Managing Print Jobs
Using Help
Exiting Windows
Chapter 2: File Management
Managing Your Files
Navigating Drives and Folders (Directories)
Copying and Moving Files
Selecting Multiple Files
Renaming Files
Deleting Files
Undeleting Files
Viewing File Details
Finding Files
Previewing Files
Creating Folders (Directories)
Checking Free Disk Space
Opening Documents
Saving Documents
Chapter 3: Quicker Access to Your Programs
Creating Program Groups
Creating Shortcuts (Program Items)
Deleting Program Groups
Accessing Items on Your Desktop
Starting Programs Automatically
Chapter 4: Adjusting Settings
Opening Control Panel
Changing Screen Colors
Formatting the Desktop Background
Setting the Time and Date
Customizing Windows for Different Users
Chapter 5: Installing New Software and Hardware
Installing New Software
Installing New Hardware
Installing New Fonts
Chapter 6: Accessories and Other Utilities
Word Processing
Going to the MS-DOS Prompt
Copying Between Applications
Chapter 7: Exploring the Internet
Starting Internet Explorer
Going to a Web Site
Creating Shortcuts to Your Favorite Web Pages
Selecting Your Home Page
Searching the Web
Finding People on the Web
Subscribing to a Web Site
Updating Your Subscriptions
Using the Channel Bar
Adding a Channel to the Active Desktop
Using E-Mail
Other Features
Personal Comments
This is a great book for PC users who are familiar with an earlier version of Windows; don't want to read a large encyclopedia on the subject or spend the money on one; and just want the basics to get up and running with Windows 98. It can be used as a reference or read straight through to get a good overview of what you can expect from Windows 98. It's a quick read, well-organized, and colorful.

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