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Type of Product

Timeslips 10.5 is Sage U.S.'s new version of their time and billing software. Because it has many flexible features, it is the perfect business management tool for service-oriented businesses of any size. With its informative reports, easy-to-use menus, and customizable features, it can automate many of the processes that you now do manually. There are three editions: (1) Timeslips Express (Level 1)--This program focuses on generating bills and tracking accounts receivables. It lacks the Practice Management reporting and industry-specific features like Percent Complete Flat Fee (used by architects) and Text Search (used by lawyers). It is the lowest-priced product and is suited for industries like consultants and graphic artists; (2) Timeslips Standard (Level 2)--This is a mid-range system. It includes Practice Management reporting, Text Search, and multiple flat fee billing options. It is a good starting point for the legal and accounting industries; and (3) Timeslips Enterprise (Level 3)--This is the high-end client/server version, which includes the complete product with all its features.

Regardless of the level that you choose, Timeslips gives you access to tool sets features that allow you to modify the program to meet your very specific needs. Each level has unlimited capacities for user, client, and task names; is network-ready; and can easily be upgraded to adapt to your growing business. Timeslips provides precise time and expense tracking with its built-in stopwatch timer. Versatile invoicing capabilities include a variety of billing methods and fully customizable bill formatting. Timeslips reporting is designed to help you manage your business more profitably. There is a Timeslips Navigator menu system that acts as as your command center, routing you through the program via a click of the mouse. The easy-to-learn graphical interface is customizable in the standard and Enterprise Editions. The Guides feature is your built-in tour guide, designed to help you learn Timeslips quickly. Dozens of personal settings, such as system-wide terminology, custom data fields, default values, and billing rate rules will greatly reduce the work involved in getting bills out. Timeslips Standard Edition and Timeslips Enterprise can also accommodate numerous billing styles such as flat fee, hourly, contingency, and progress, to name a few. Not only can you have each of your client's bills contain just the amount of detail that you choose, but you can also have them show your logo, choice of colors, or any other element that you include in your bill design.

Timeslips is available for Windows and Macintosh. Pricing for Timeslips Express (Level 1): $$179.95; Pricing for Timeslips Standard (Level 2): $399.95; Pricing for Timeslips Enterprise (Level 3): $999.95. See the Timeslips Web site for additional information:

User Level
Advanced Beginners, intermediate, and advanced computer users. Timeslips is perfect for lawyers, accountants, consultants, graphic designers, architects and anyone who needs to track their time and bill for it. With the three levels of Timeslips, you can select which product is right for your needs. There are online demonstrations of the product on the Timeslips Web site for beginner users who need further instruction.

New Features in Timeslips 10.5 include:

  • Split Billing;
  • Tutorial Navigator;
  • Database Creation Wizard;
  • Firm/Data Entry Assistant;
  • User-Defined Report Wizard.

General Features in Timeslips 10.5 include:

  • Customize bills and statements via the Report Designer to match exactly how you want them to appear;
  • Extensive accounts receivable features allow for payment tracking per invoice on hours, fees, costs, taxes and interest, plus band deposit slips for reconciliation;
  • The Slip List View program allows for viewing a listing of time and expense entries for any given period, and the ability to print them out with literally one click.
  • System Administration functions allow application and database-wide management in networking environments with audit trail tracking on system-wide entries;
  • Create automated tasks. From basic to advanced, Timeslips can automate your daily, and commonly performed tasks to minimize your workload;
  • Audit Trails will track who, what, where and when database records have been changed. If there is a feature in Timeslips that you don't use you can remove it with the click of a button. Later, if you find that your firm's needs are changing you can bring it back just as easily. Tailor Timeslips exactly the way you want.
Product Analysis

Split Billing

This functionality allows a firm to split charges automatically between a primary client and other secondary clients, according to predefined billing rules established in the system. This is included in the Enterprise version of Timeslips and is an add-on in the Timeslips Standard version.

Tutorial Navigator

This graphically-rich navigator was specifically designed as a simple, yet descriptive Navigator, which uses icons and text written to guide you easily through Timeslips.

Database Creation Wizard
  A wizard has been created to guide you through the easy creation of a database. You will be directed through the wizard to select options such as, the first invoice number, the first month of your firm's fiscal year, and preferred bill formats.
Firm/Data Entry Assistant
  The Firm Assistant allows an administrator to view either a summary of all billing information including billable fees, costs, payment dates, and balance information for all clients or detailed information for selected clients. The Data Entry Assistant will help you track time and expense slips, AR transactions, and funds transactions in both a summary and a detailed view.

User-Defined Report Wizard
  User-defined reports can now be easily generated through a step-by-step process.
  Time and Expense Tracking
There are a variety of features that help you in time and expense tracking: a stopwatch timer; custom abbreviations for quick data entry; spell-checking; a mini-view timer that can be run in the corner of the screen over other applications; the ability to hide information, such as rates, from other timekeepers; a slip list view that displays all, or selected, slips on one screen; the ability to make mark-ups and adjustments on individual tasks; and the Data Entry Assistant that allows timekeepers to quickly access all of their activity for the day, week, or other user-defined time period.

Accounts Receivable
  When keeping track of accounts receivables, you have numerous options: statement generation; transactions that include payments, invoices, credits, discounts, write-offs (bad debts), reverse payments (bounced checks), and refunds; aged balances that are tracked in components of fees, costs, and interest with multiple periods; the ability to assign local and state tax rates to clients; the ability to set up discount rules for early payments; bank deposit slips for payment tracking; and multiple client funds (trust) accounts.
Generating bills is easy with Timeslips. The program features are: the ability to create professional-looking, custom bill templates that contain your log and choice of detail, or use a pre-set template; a Billing Assistant that is your in-house automated bookkeeper and interactive pre-bill worksheet; print bills to text or RTF file; save selection, sort, and preference settings for easy one-click billing; multiple projects or cases for any client can be consolidated onto one bill or printed individually on separate bills; additional billing formats are available for use with legal bill auditing firms (additional purchase required); System Administration functions allow application-and database-wide management in networking environments, with audit trail tracking on system-wide entries; and split fees and costs between multiple clients with the included Split Billing module.
Timeslips contains over 80 predefined reports: an intuitive report wizard to walk you through setting up the right report; graph reports ideal for presentations in pie, line, bar and mark formats; accounts receivable reports by aging period show clients with unpaid and overdue balances; fee allocation and overhead reports are designed to show you the value of your employees' work to the firm; invoice reports for monthly billed values reflect fee, costs, paid and unpaid balances; aged work-in-progress reports show clients' outstanding work by period; statements can be sent to clients to report on past billings and overdue balances; productivity and profitability analysis reports compare billed vs. non-billed work and the percentage of each, varied by week, month or year; budgeting reports compare projected values against the actual work performed; periodic total reports reflect such items as work performed for a client, on a specific day or week, sorted in a variety of formats; and history billings outline all work and transactions from a client's first bill, continuing through to their current or final invoice.
  Networking Features
  Networking options: unique, detailed security profiles may be set for each user; control access to databases with Station Administrator; the Connected Databases feature keeps multiple databases synchronized; turn off all active stopwatch timers with one mouse click; Audit Trails show you the date and time of any action performed by the timekeeper that was logged into the database; and client/server architecture is ideal for offices of 20 or more networked stations.
  Data Import

A built-in text import utility allows Timeslips to accept data from other applications, or your old billing system. If you can produce data in a delimited text file, Timeslips will import information like client names, addresses, balances, rates, task lists, and more. This option is an advantage as setup time is reduced when you do not have to reenter your data.

Final Comments
Timeslips is a 15-year-old product that has improved with each new update. Version 10.5 with its workflow and billing process enhancements consolidates some multi-step procedures into a single action and reduces the time to process pre-bill worksheets and invoices. It's a worthwhile upgrade, and this award winning software will continue to be an important time and billing program for service organizations.
System Requirements

Timeslips Express and Standard Editions:

  • Windows 95B, 98 Second Edition, ME, NT 4.0 ) Service Pack 6 or higher, or Windows 2000;
  • 200 MHz Pentium;
  • 32 MB of RAM (48 MB of RAM or more recommended);
  • 50 MB of free space (excluding your Timeslips database), 200 MB for MSDE (excluding database);
  • CD-ROM drive (for installation only);
  • Internet capacities necessary for eCenter capabilities.

Timeslips Enterprise Edition with MS SQL Database:

Recommended Server Specifications

  • Windows NT Server operating system version 4.0 or Windows NT 4.0 Enterprise Edition with Service Pack 6 or higher, or Windows 2000 Server Family, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.01 with Service Pack 1 or later;
  • PC with an 800 MHz (or higher) CPU;
  • 256 MB or RAM;
  • 1 GB of free space;
  • CD-ROM drive;
  • SQL 7 Server software.

Recommended Workstation Specifications

  • Windows 95B, Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows ME, NT 4 (Service Pack 6 or higher), or Windows 2000;
  • PC with a 500 MHz (or higher) CPU;
  • 28 MB of RAM;
  • 1 GB of free space for full SQL client; 200 MB for MSDE;
  • SQL 7 Client software.
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