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"The Bells are Ringing for WebSpice Animations"

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Type of Product
WebSpice Animations is a collection of original & royalty-free "3D" GIF animations for use on the Internet. Each image is modeled in three dimensions, and a wide variety of animation styles are provided, including buttons, arrows, objects, words with objects, and words. To match any Web site color scheme, the images are provided in a selection of colors and materials such as glass, wood, plastic, and more. The program was designed to complement DeMorgan's WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design Edition software, which we have reviewed. Their Web site is: http://www.webspice.com Price: $99.00 Check their Web site out for special bundle prices, such as all four WebSpice packages for $249.
User Level    
This is an excellent package for beginners who are just starting out with Web design. You don't need to learn how to use a graphics package. The Step by Step Design Guide is easy to use. Intermediate and advanced PC users could use this program for fast Web animated graphics.
Over 35,000 professionally-designed 3D web animations.
Each GIF animation is typically less than 10Kb.
Easy-to-use Wizard gives you the animation you want.
Each animation is set on multiple backgrounds such as black, white, and textured.
Works with most popular HTML editors.
Great for business or personal web pages.
Each image is ready to use, and do not require additional software, user modification, or browser plug-ins.

This is a well-organized software package and has the same interface and format as DeMorgan's WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design package. You don't have to get out the magnifying glass to go through a dictionary sized catalog of thumbnails to find the right image as they are presented in a HTML based Web page setting; you can preview the art exactly as it will appear on your Web pages. There is nothing to install, either. You just put in the first CD and a dialog box pops up and asks you if you want to launch your browser. You click yes and all the images are displayed in a unique Web-page catalog on the CDs; there is also a selection wizard that leads you step-by-step through the catalog and helps you choose the right image for your needs. The interface is extremely user friendly. All art is provided in a variety of colors and textures, on three different backgrounds, and in numerous spin modes and directions. The first window displays three choices:

Objects--contains the collection of objects from bells to flowers. The wizard helps you find the image you need. With objects, the wizard help you make the choice of object, background, and animation style. The backgrounds are divided into black, white, and transparent. Depending on the object, you can select from one to four motion styles.

Arrows--contains the collection of arrows. As with the other section, there is a wizard to help you find the arrow you need. You choose the type, animation mode, background, color and texture, and direction of animation. There are four animation modes to choose from: tumble, spin, bounce, and grow. Textures and colors are: solid white, solid red, solid yellow, solid green, solid blue, solid violet, clear glass, red glass, yellow glass, green glass, blue glass, violet glass, pine wood, teak wood, ripple, field stone, striped, laid brick, techno-borg, fire, grey marble, pink marble, dark marble, techno-dots, and honeycomb. For direction of motion, you can choose from left, right or up. There are plenty of arrow styles to choose from: plain to fancy, conservative to casual.

Buttons--contains the collection of buttons. There are two categories, buttons with words and buttons without words. For buttons without words, you select a button, animation mode, background, and color and texture. The buttons without words come in the same color and texture styles as the arrows. The animation modes are: tumble, orbit, grow, spin vertical, and spin horizontal. There is only one choice for direction, though.

The buttons with words category is divided further into two groups: sans serif and serif. The animation modes are obit and grow, and the background choices are black or white. The color and texture choices are: solid white, solid red, solid green, solid blue, solid violet, metal grey, metal red, metal blue, metal violet, bumpy red, bumpy blue, bumpy violet, clear glass, red glass, blue glass, pine wood, grey marble, and honeycomb. There are 11 choices of words: back, buy now, click here, download, e-mail, free, home, hot, links, new and next.

These images can be viewed in virtually any browser, even older versions such as Netscape Navigator 2.02. Also, WebSpice Animations can be used with numerous Web authoring tools, including Microsoft FrontPage, NetObjects Fusion, Adobe PageMill, Web Express, Visual Page, and GoLive CyberStudio. The images can also be used with the new Web-enabled versions of popular word processing software, groupware, spreadsheets, and other applications.

Personal Comments    
This is a very useful package of animations. The animations are of professionally quality. The different colors and textures for the animations were impressive and there are numerous animation styles. I have a weakness for packages that are fun and easy to use. The WebSpice series of programs fit into this category. I have been using DeMorgan's WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design Edition for the layout of various reviews and am very satisfied. Reviews such as Commandos, Compton's 99 Encyclopedia Deluxe, Windows 95 Is Driving Me Crazy!, and How To Use America Online 4 were designed using WebSpice images. Now I can add animations to my reviews using WebSpice Animations.
System Requirements    
Processor: 486 or Pentium
Operating System: Windows 3.1, 95, 98 or NT
Memory: 8MB RAM (16MB recommended, 32MB for NT)
CD ROM Drive
VGA or better display w/256 colors
3.0+ Web Browser recommended (but can be viewed on some older versions)

All WebSpice products have the same system requirements and run on the same type of computers.

Graphics: DeMorgan WebSpice 1,000,000 Page Design Edition
DeMorgan WebSpice Animations
Web Page Editor: Symantec Visual Page