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Type of Product
WinWay Resume 6.0 is a resume creation package and more! WinWay markets the program as a job winning system, and that is not an exaggeration. The program helps you write your resume, tracks your contacts, writes your letters, prepares you for the interview, aids you in salary negotiation, allows you to post your resume on the Internet, and helps you search for job positions on the Internet. And all for the price of $39.95, and $29.95 for an upgrade. You can visit the WinWay Corporation site for a wealth of ideas: salary & benefits information; articles from experts offering career advice; and links to other sites that post job positions.The WinWay Corporation site is
User Level    
Beginning PC users with a basic knowledge of Windows should have no problem with this program. It is very user-friendly and has samples galore. For those users with limited typing experience, WinWay's AutoWriter feature has specific phrases with industry keywords that can be added to your resume. Resume building can be challenging for beginning users as the layout usually requires columns, tabs, indents and other formatted elements. WinWay Resume samples automatically include all these formatted elements. Intermediate and Advanced users should also find the program useful for its ease of use, editability of all features, and interview information.
New Features    
  • Themes--Automated design and layout tool that lets you choose from pre-designed resume themes that include styles, supertext, borders, colors, fonts, and bullets.
  • Improved User Interface--Makes it easier to create a professional resume.
  • SuperText--Large formatted text that appears at the top and/or bottom of a resume and can be added to draw attention to your name or career objective.
  • Full-featured Text Editing--Enhanced editing ability.
  • Improved Interview Simulation--Interview answers and salary negotiations in full-motion video.
  • Enhanced AutoWriter--Large database, over 100,000 job specific phrases, to use to build your resume.
  • Updated Occupational Encyclopedia--Contains detailed information about more than 12,000 jobs.
  • New Sample Cover Letters and Resumes--Over 14,000 sample resumes included.
  • WinWay Agent--This feature allows you to find jobs via the Internet. You can also create a resume and then change it to a HTML document and post it to the Web with the WinWay Web server.
  • Endorsements on Envelopes--Add an endorsement such as "Urgent" or "Confidential" on front of envelopes.
  • Resume Graphics Library--A variety of graphics to use in your resumes.
  • Free Updates--Fast and easy updates via the Internet.

The program is easy to install. There is a User Guide that has a tutorial chapter that walks you through the basic features. The User Guide is not extensive, but the interface is intuitive enough that if you use the tutorial and the online help, you should have no problem. On the opening screen, you see two partitions. On the left are buttons for Samples, Headings, Fonts, Themes, and Spell. These tools will vary depending on what module you are working on. The right partition is the work area where resumes, letters, and envelopes are displayed. Along the top is a bar of basic Window tools such as File, Edit, View, Insert, Format, Go, Tools, Window, and Help. Underneath that is a toolbar of samples or themes for you to choose from. The choices will change according to what element of the resume you have selected. Underneath the main work space is a bar containing the seven main modules: Resume, Letter, Contact, Envelope, Interview, Video, and Internet.

The dialog boxes are well-organized, highly intuitive, and easy to read as there are clearly marked and colorful ball buttons. WinWay integrated the resume building features with their informational elements as many of the dialog boxes conveniently include a video button that will take you to the specific area on the video that relates to that resume topic. There is also a general help button included in the boxes.

Below is a brief discussion of the seven modules and what I liked best.

Resume--The program has flexibility. You can practically automate the whole process with two features: (1) sample resumes and (2) AutoWriter, with its job specific phrases and keywords. Samples are divided by profession or career situation, then by category. You can select a sample resume and then add additional specific phrases with AutoWriter, if needed. For those users who want more hands on creating, you can start with a sample and then personalize it by editing such features as fonts, colors, and borders. You can choose between a chronological or functional format or you can use elements of both in one resume. Information is easily inserted, moved, and edited in a table format. Editing ability is a feature that I have found lacking in many resume or specific task programs. They have nifty templates but you can't change anything. Since I have used WordPerfect and PageMaker for resumes, I wanted to see if I felt as comfortable with WinWay Resume and if it was flexible enough. I felt very comfortable with the program and could edit to my heart's content. Many employers want resumes only on one page. WinWay Resume's "Fit to one Page" feature changes margins and spacing to enable you to fit the content on one page, if possible. Resumes can be saved in RTF, ASCII, or HTML format and can be exported to other word processing programs. I exported a resume to Microsoft Word, using the RTF format, and all the formatted elements converted over in the new Word document. All styles are computer scannable and print well on black and white or color printers. You can also fax or e-mail your resume and letters.

Letter--Letters can be built with the same sample types and themes as your resume so that you have uniformity across all you material in look, content, and in key industry words. The AutoWriter feature allows you to choose ready-to-use paragraphs for the following types of letters: cover letters, ad response letters, interview follow-up letters, networking letters, cold call letters, resignation letters and more.

Contact--The Contact Manager allows you to track pertinent information about a company to which you are applying for a position. Contact person; general company info; and product and interview information, such as job requirements and things to remember, can be neatly kept. You can merge a contact list with a cover letter.

Envelope--You can print an envelope directly from your contact list or from the envelope button. Endorsements such as "Resume Enclosed," "Urgent," or "Rush" can be added. You can even add your own worded endorsement.

Interview--The Interview module has two segments: (1) Interview and (2) Salary Negotiations; these segments gives you answers to the most commonly asked interview and salary questions. The Interview module provides information on: how to answer questions on knowledge of company, your experience, self-evaluation, education, teamwork, how to avoid the "deadly dozen" resume mistakes, and more. The Salary Negotiations module shows you: how to overcome salary objections; negotiate non-negotiable offers; maximize benefits; and identify your special skills and justify a higher pay. You can view hints about the questions and then listen to the sample answers. The Interview module, only, has a Respond Button, which is selected under View, so you can type in your own answers and then compare them to the samples. All the questions and answers can be seen as text by clicking on the CC (Closed Caption) button. Your answers can be saved or printed.

Video--The Video module is an overview of the science of job searching and resume building. It provides you with pertinent information on job search methods, how to prepare for the interview, clarify your goals, and develop your skills. It is very thorough. You can select specific information so you don't have to view the complete video. The information can be seen as text in the CC (Closed Caption) section or printed.

Internet--WinWay Agent lets you post your resume on the Internet. You can also search for jobs posted on the Web. Many companies don't advertise anywhere else and advertising on the Internet seems to be used by more companies each day.

Personal Comments    
WinWay Resume is an excellent program. I had tried a resume program a few years back and was dissatisfied. It was awkward to use and had limited editing features. No program seemed to work as well as WordPerfect or PageMaker. But WinWay Resume felt comfortable to me. I was not champing at the bit to get back to WordPerfect when building a resume. To be successful in obtaining a job, you need two things: a well-written resume and excellent interview skills. WinWay Resume can help you in both areas.
System Requirements    
Processor: 486SX PC or higher
Operating System: Windows 95/98/NT or later. Also includes a Windows 3.1 version
Hard Disk Space: 12MB
Sound Card

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