DataViz MacLinkPlus Deluxe 11.0

"An Essential MacTool!"

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boxDataViz's MacLinkPlus Deluxe--MacLinkPlus allows Macintosh users to translate between different applications, like Word 98 and AppleWorks. With MacLinkPlus you can open, view, decode, decompress and translate files between different programs and platforms. Whether you receive a file that was created in an application you don't have, download a compressed file from the web, or receive an e-mail attachment you can't open, MacLinkPlus solves the day to day problems that occur when using other peoples files. It allows you to spend time on what's important and not be frustrated by unreadable files. Version 11.0 adds new translators to help Mac users convert Microsoft Word and Excel 2000, AppleWorks/ClarisWorks 5 word processing and spreadsheets, Microsoft Works 4.5 and WordPerfect 3.5e. Along with the new translators, DataViz also added updated decoding and decompression technology for StuffIt 5.0. As was true in the previous version, MacLinkPlus Deluxe is Year 2000 Compliant. See our reviews of some of their other products: Conversion Plus and MacOpener Plus 4.0. Price: $99.00; Upgrade price: $39.95. The DataViz Web site is:

Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced PC users. The program is user friendly and could be used by anyone with basic computer knowledge.
  • Converts Macintosh and PC word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphic formats bi-directionally while retaining your document formatting;
  • View and print virtually any file type;
  • Decode/decompress problem e-mail attachments;
  • Powerful control-click access to all MacLinkPlus functions;
  • Available for Macintosh and Power Macintosh.

Installation, User's Guide, & Help. The installation process was easy, and it took almost no time at all. There is a User's Guide, 54 pages, that provides all of the information you need. There is also excellent Online Help.

MacLink Application: The utility has a new, revamped interface that makes it a snap to view, translate, decode and decompress virtually any file. You can open the application for various options or you can use the "Control-click" option made possible by Mac OS 8's contextual menus.

Viewing Files: Many times you have a file and want to get a quick preview of its contents. With MacLinkPlus, you can view the text from virtually any word processing, spreadsheet or database file without having to launch any program. In addition, you can view any graphic file supported by MacLinkPlus. The various methods for viewing files are:

  1. Quick Preview Method--This method utilizes the "Control-click" option available when using Mac OS 8.0 or higher and is the fastest method to view files. It gives you immediate view of the contents of a file without launching the MacLinkPlus application, but you are not able to copy file contents when viewing a file with the Quick Preview method;
  2. MacLink Application Method--This method involves using the actual MacLinkPlus application.

Translate Files: With this feature, you can translate Windows files into Macintosh formats--or vice versa. You also have the option to translate one file, or a whole folder full of files at once. The program includes translators to convert files between different word processing, spreadsheet, database and graphics formats. Once translated, files retain their original formatting such as bold, italics, embedded graphics, and tables and can be edited in your programs just as if they were created there. MacLinkPlus proves various methods for translating files:

  1. MacLinkPlus Application Method--The new, easy to use interface makes this the recommended method;
  2. Control-Click Method--This method utilizes the "Control-click" option available when using Mac OS 8.0 or higher and a Power Mac. You simply hold down the Control key while clicking on a document, and you will have instant access to the MacLinkPlus features, including Recognize, View and Translate;
  3. Double-Click Method--This is the best method to translate files if you wish to open them immediately;
  4. Drag to Translate Method--You just find the file that you wish to translate and drag it on top of the application you wish to open it with;
  5. Document Converter Method--This method involves the use of the Document Converter and is recommended for translating multiple files or for translating a file you do not wish to open immediately.

Decompress: Often times, files you download from the Internet or receive via e-mail are compressed to save space and transfer time. MacLinkPlus will allow you to open a compressed file and extract, view or translate it. You can decompress any file that was created using the most popular compression formats, including .sit, Zip, Gzip, Tar, and Z. The various methods for decompressing files are:

  1. MacLinkPlus Application--This method to decompress files involves using the MacLinkPlus application;
  2. Control Click Method--This method utilizes the "Control-click" option available when using Mac OS 8.0 or higher.

Retrieve Files From E-mail: When files are sent attached to an e-mail message, they are encoded by the mail package that is sending the e-mail using one of several encoding formats. In order to be received correctly, your e-mail package must recognize the encoding format and decode the attached files back to their original form. Problems can arise when either your e-mail program does not support the encoding format or the file was not encoded properly by the sender's mail package. In either of these situations, the file that was sent to you may appear as garbage (unrecognizable) text at the end of the e-mail message instead of as an attachment. MacLinkPlus can assist you in retrieving the attached files from your e-mail message when they appear as garbage text.

Formats Supported

Word Processing: Ami Pro, AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, DCA-RFT, HTML, MacWrite, MacWrite II, MacWrite Pro, MS Word, MS Works, MultiMate, Nisus, Nisus Writer, OfficeWriter, Professional Write, Publish Text, RTF, Text, WordPerfect, WordPerfect Works, WordStar, WriteNow, and XYWrite.

Spreadsheet & Database: AppleWorks, ClarisWorks, Comma Separated Values, dBase (DBF), MS Excel, FoxBase/FoxPro, Lotus 1-2-3, MS Works, Quattro Pro, SYLK, Symphony, Tab Text, and WordPerfect Works.

Graphics: AutoCAD.DXF, GIF, Harvard Graphics (CGM), JPEG, Lotus (PIC), Lotus Freelance (CGM), PC Paintbrush (PCX, PICT/PICT2, TIFF, Ventura Publisher (GEM), Ventura Publisher (IMG), Windows Bitmap (BMP), Windows Metafile (WMF), WordPerfect (WPG, WPG2), EPS Mac, EPS PC.

Encoding: Binhex; MIME (Base64); and uuEncode.

Compression: Compact Pro, GZip; MacBinary; TAR; Z; StuffIt, and Zip.

This is one of those must have utilities if you have to open a variety of files or e-mail attachments. It really can read just about any file. The interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, and the drag and drop features and control-click options are great. It couldn't be simpler to use, and it makes translating those bewildering array of document types as painless as possible. A full installation takes up very little disk space.
Macintosh IIci or newer
System 7.1 for 68k Macs
System 7.1.2 for PPC Macs
25 MB hard disk space
Mac OS 8.0 and PPC for Contextual Menus
QuickTime for GIF and JPEG viewing

Scanner: Hewlett Packard ScanJet 6250C Professional Series
Web Page Editor: Macromedia Dreamweaver 3.0
Graphics: Adobe ImageStyler 1.0