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"Children Have Fun and
Learn About Healthy Foods"

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Pajama Sam, the world's youngest caped crusader is back in another adventure from Humongous Entertainment. In Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet, Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble. The fats and the sweets are forcing the healthy foods off of the island. An emergency peace conference has been called to calm the MopTop Island population, but four of the delegates pajama samare missing. Kids help Pajama Sam find the missing delegates, put a stop to the sticky quarrels, fix a few problems, bring peace to MopTop Island and still make it home in time for dinner. The game provides loads of fun for children, but it is educational also. Children are introduced to the six food groups and the idea that foods need to work together to form a healthy diet. As kids direct Pajama Sam in his new adventure, they immerse themselves in a richly detailed world consisting of more than 40 hand-drawn locations and thousands of animations. Key features of this game are: (1) multiple game paths feature revolving puzzles and a wide variety of locations enabling children to have a different experience each time they play; (2) kids learn to play and play to learn, developing important logical thinking, problem-solving, and memory skills as they take an active, and interactive, role in the game; (3) colorful characters abound and help kids discover the keys to finding and saving the delegates. A few of the faces on MopTop Island include General Beetfoot, Florette, Sprinkle, Bean Number 47, Zak Zuke, and Granny Smythe; (4) new puzzles and mini arcade-style games enable kids to engage in hours of problem solving. This CD is part of the Junior Adventure Series for kids 3-8. See our review of another Putt-Putt adventure: Pajama Sam 2: Thunder and Lightning Aren't So Frightening. The product is available on a CD-ROM that can be used with a PC with Windows or a Macintosh. Price $24.99. The Humongous Entertainment Web site is a great place for both parents and kids to visit. There is all sorts of information, games and such.

User Level

Junior Adventures help children, ages 3 to 8, develop critical thinking, problem solving, memory and spatial relations skills. Easy-to-maneuver controls make this game easy even for the younger players, and the multiple game paths make the game challenging for advanced players.


Installation. No installation is required. Just load the CD into the CD-ROM drive and click the Play button to start the game. There is no User Guide but there are notes in the Readme file on the CD and some on the CD cover booklet.

Storyline. Pajama Sam chases down some snickering cookies, only to find himself in the midst of a food squabble! The fats and the sweets are forcing the healthy foods off of MopTop Island. An emergency peace conference has been called to calm the MopTop Island population, and four of the delegates are missing! Children can spring into action to help Pajama Sam to find the missing partydelegates, put a stop to the sticky quarrels, and fix a few problems along the way. Our caped hero is able to bring unity to the island and still make it home in time for dinner! In the opening sequence, we find Pajama Sam eagerly gobbling down cookies in order to collect enough box tops for a Pajama Man Action Figure. The cookies, bent on causing trouble outside of Sam's tummy, escape and head for the kitchen. Sam decides following them is a job for Pajama Sam, but he must find his cape first. Once children help him find it, they proceed to follow those renegade cookies. Some of the adventures are:

  1. The Party–Pajama Sam arrives at a rockin' party already in progress. Children can enjoy it a bit by eating the provided goodies and dancing with the guest, but then it's time to get back home for dinner so all that broccoli mom cooked doesn't go to waste.
  2. The Jail–Well, to get home for dinner, children have to figure out how to break out of the sweets' jail. They use the provided treats to knock the key off the wall and slide it into the cell to get free with their new friend, Florette, the Vegetable Peace Delegate. food pyramid
  3. The Food Pyramid–Children then follow Florette to the Food Pyramid to receive orders from General Beetfoot and Carrot. They will receive a list of the missing peace delegates that they will need to rescue. The list will be kept in inventory and can be accessed at any time.

Game Paths. As with many Humongous Entertainment adventures, there is a random element to Pajama Sam 3. This means multiple paths are offered to complete the game. Each path takes children on a unique adventure through MopTop Island, but no matter what path they play, they will still need to find the same four delegates. The items they need to use and the characters they interact with will change.

Mini-Games. Some of the mini-games are:

  1. Bean Counting & Sorting Machine--Children can sort out Bean #47 and will have a bean countingchance to maneuver the Bean Counting & Sorting Machine (BCS-4000).
  2. Box Tops--If Pajama Sam collects 20 tops from his favorite Chocamok cookie boxes, he could get a Pajama Man Action Figure with Titanic Elbow Thrust. These box tops could be hidden anywhere around MopTop Island. Children help Pajama Sam find them.
  3. Caramel Pit--If kids need to rescue poor Granny Smythe, they will have a chance to hop over floating walnuts. They must figure out when to jump or they will find themselves dunked in the gooey drink. Once they get close enough to Granny Smythe, they can use the Super Plunger to pluck her out.
  4. Jumbled Jokes--If kids need to rescue poor Granny Smythe from the dancing Soda Cans, they will have a chance to help Mickey Hollandaise with his jokes.
  5. Photo Booth--Every time children play Pajama Sam 3, the Photo Booth will be available.
  6. Pipes--If kids need to rescue poor Granny Smythe from the Carmel Pit, they will have a chance to fix the clogged pipe. They need to turn off the water, use a wrench to fix the pipe, and then turn the water back on again. After fixing the pipe, they can ask Rock for his super plunger.
  7. Powdered Sugar Slopes--Every time children play the game, the Powdered Sugar Slopes will be available to ski. Depending on which version of the game that they are playing, they may need to use the plumber's ski ticket to find a plunger on the slopes. Otherwise, they have fun jumping the moguls and avoiding the rocks, signs, and other surprises.
  8. Shelf Scramble--If kids need the BCS-4000 Bean Sorter Manual, they will get a chance to be a contender against the grouchy Garlic. If the grouchy Garlic catches them, he will cart them right back down to the librarian.
Personal Comments
Pajama Sam 3: You Are What You Eat From Your Head to Your Feet is a delight. There are comical characters and click points to keep children continually entertained. It is richly detailed with great animation.
System Requirements

Windows: Windows 98/95, Pentium 90 MHz or higher, 16 MB of RAM, SVGA (640x480), 256 colors and 4X CD-ROM drive.

Macintosh: Macintosh 25MHz 68040 or PowerPC, System 7 or higher, 8 MB of RAM, 256 colors and 2X CD-ROM drive.

Other Goodies
There is a page of Humongous character decals. A Comic book/activity book is also included. The CD has demo versions of a variety of Humongous products, and there is a Parent/Teacher Guide located in the help file that contains extension activities and discussion topics that reinforce concepts and lessons learned in the game.
Technical Support
Their Web site: is an excellent source for information, games, reviews and whatever.
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