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Sonoma County
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And Material For Creating A One World Peace

Sonoma County, California
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Web Site Links
The Web site links are listed alphabetically on Side Tabs #1 (A-I),
#2, (J-Q) & #3 (R-Z). The links will include: alternative voices not heard in the mainstream media; history and analysis of various nationalities, regions, and religions; foreign newspapers and online publications; civil liberties, and whatever else I can find that will help create peace and justice for all individuals.
Update 3/26/03 Recommended:
Institute for Public Accuracy: http://www.accuracy.org
Dissident Voice:

The Books/Tapes section (Side Tab #4) will lists books, tapes, and videos, plus
links to relevant sites.
Petitions, Pledges, List of Representatives, Mass Actions
The Petitions section (Side Tab #5) includes links to petitions, pledges, a list of representatives for this area, and sites where you search for
your representatives, or for other congress delegations by state. There is also a site, Vote.com, where you can place your vote
on various matters.
Update 3/26/03 Recommended:
True Majority Tell Senate We Can't Afford to Enrich the Rich While Paying for War in Iraq.
National Day of DIRECT Action and Civil Disobedience to Stop the War at Home and Abroad Monday April 7th, 2003
Call White House & Representatives & voice your opinion
Call the Media and voice your opinion--media list from FAIR
The Poetry/Quotes section (Side Tab #6) has links to poetry, essays, and quotes relating to a One World Peace. Please submit any original work that you might want to add to the site.

Sonoma County
The Sonoma County section (Side Tab #7) provides information
pertaining to Sonoma County and the Bay Area, and links to other sites relevant to this area.
Update 3/26/03 Recommended:
Vigils for Peace 5-7pm, nightly, Courthouse Sq. S. R.
Action Above the Streets, Wed., 7:00am - 8:30am, S.R.
Outrage in Baghdad by April Hurley, MD:
Conscious Activism Council Gathering with Andrew Beath at Ocean Song Farm & Wilderness Center
Sunday, May 11, 9am - 3pm


Downloads, Posters, Flyers, Media Contacts
The Downloads section (Top Tab) includes Flyers, posters, media contacts, alternative speakers, etc. that you can download and use. Material will be available in either html or pdf format for printing. There will be links to sources of graphics, symbols, signs, flags, and maps, and specific material that can be downloaded for your use.
Update 3/26/03 Recommended:
Free Posters


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