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Do You Need Help With...

  • Planning care for yourself or a loved one?

  • Identifying or accessing appropriate resources and services?

  • Managing needed day to day or long-term support services?

  • Finding support in dealing with problems associated with aging, a chronic illness or disability?
Any person needing assistance in determining care needs for themselves or for a loved one is a candidate for Continuing Care Concept's Care Management Services. Our care managers work with clients, family members, physicians, and other health care providers to design a plan which will ensure that each client receives quality care and cost effective services which are individualized to meet his or her specific needs. Services include:

  • Comprehensive On-Site Assessment--This assessment includes the client's physical and functional status, psychosocial history, mental status, medical and nursing needs, financial status, nutritional status, and a safety check of their care setting. The assessment is used to help determine the client's individual needs.

  • Full Documentation of Needs and Current Status--The completed assessment is forwarded to the client or the client's legal alternative decision maker and the physician or other agencies as requested by client.

  • Written Recommendations and Plan of Care--The care plan is based on the information gathered in the assessment along with the client's goals and preferences. Emphasis is placed on preserving dignity, independence and safety regardless of the care setting.

  • Implementation of Appropriate Resources--After the plan is approved, the care manager identifies appropriate resources and services which will meet the client's individual needs. Services may include but are not limited to the following: (1) assistance with advanced directives; (2) referral to legal and financial services; (3) assistance in obtaining home care workers, either through an agency or privately hired; (4) referral to skilled nursing/therapies; (5) medication management; (6) referral to respite services; (7) support and counseling for family members and care givers; (8) assistance with alternative living arrangements; and (9) referral to funding sources.

  • Ongoing Monitoring--Monitoring of the client's response to care assures that services are changed as the client's needs or when short or long term goals are met.


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